Building exceptional brand experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Brand Strategy

We'll craft a story-driven narrative that engages your dream audience and leaves a lasting impression. We'll tap into the emotions we want to trigger when your audience interacts with your brand, tailoring all aspects of your brand strategy to your unique vision. 



My Brand Questionnaire will allow you to share all of the exciting ideas filling up your brain, touching on exactly what you offer, how you want to be perceived. Any Pinterest boards, existing brand guidelines or presentations that give me an insight into your business should be sent over at this point. The more information, the better!

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Through my comprehensive research process, I’ll build a bespoke brand strategy that allows you to seamlessly integrate your core messaging into all interactions with your target audience.

The document will include a Business Overview, USP, Mission Statement, Target Audience Persona, Messaging Pillars, Values, Archetypes, and Tone of Voice.

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During a collaborative video call, we’ll run through your new strategy and discuss all factors that shape your brand story. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions, explore alternative directions, pick up on new discussion points, and suggest any changes you feel are appropriate. At the end of the call, you should have a clear understanding of your strategy and we’ll be ready to move onto the Develop stage.

Let's get started!